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Oregon makes up for Autzen Stadium's size by charging nike free discount more for tickets -- the price of a season ticket has gone up more than 300 percent in the last decade, Gaul notes -- and by cashing in on its association with Nike. The apparel section of the discount nike free outlet campus bookstore was picked clean; everywhere I looked there were proud moms and dads wearing brand-new Ducks gear.

Straight down the street from the Jaqua Center is Matthew Knight Arena, built after a $100 million donation from the Knights and named for their late son. The Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, which houses the Ducks' football operations, discount nike free shoes was built by the Knights and donated to the university at a cost of at least $68 million. The UO library and law school also are named for members of Phil Knight's family after he made donations for their renovation.

"The company's presence does seem to loom over the school to the nike free discount shoes for sale point that there are even Nike swooshes on some of the trash cans," Gaul writes. "It is all part of the art of Nike and the extraordinary reach of Knight and his personal brand. You can argue this a lot of ways, the earnest efforts of a dedicated philantrophist or the branding strategy of a wily businessman being just two of them. What you cannot argue is the impact Knight has had. His brilliance, or overreach, is everywhere discount nike free from china."

All the expansion and construction has led to significant increases in the UO athletic department budget nike free online outlet. The Ducks spent the equivalent of $181,498 on each scholarship football player in 2011, Gaul reports, double the figure from six years earlier. Debt on athletic facilities was $233 million in 2013, compared to about $35 million in 2005.