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October 21, 2015. It's a date that holds cheap nike shoes free shipping important meaning to fans of the Back to the Future movie trilogy. They it as the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future to help change the fate of Marty's future family within the cheap nike free shoes plot of Back to the Future, Part II. There's sure to be a few parties going on that day among BTTF nerds complete with holographic hats, hoverboard replicas, and maybe even a DeLorean if they're really serious, as they celebrate the beloved movie. However, it's sneaker collectors cheap nike free outlet that are especially concerned with this date right now, as it's the speculated release day of the 2015 Nike Mag.

Rumored to be dropping in 2015—complete with from china cheap nike free power laces this time—ever since the epic eBay auction release of the shoe in 2011, Mag fever is at an all-time peak right now as we all await any sign of confirmation from Nike that the shoe will indeed release cheap nike free running shoes. As we get closer and closer to the date October 21st, Nike's lips are still sealed at this point, and we can all only hope to get some answers soon. We'd all take any scrap of information about the Mag's release at this point, but continue reading for the six major Mag questions we need answered right now cheap nike free sale. If only somebody had a time machine…